November 17, 2017

DollParts - Various

DollParts is a collective of young amputee or cancer survivor women or some being born arm or legless. They are regrouped under this common appellation and are models, not using their particularity as a tool but integrating it in a classic modelling work, even playing about it with irony and provocation. I don't really get the point of the site since all the "girls" do not have pictures to show but it doesn't matter, the project is more than important to give confidence to the young girls and women that may feel desperate to see they are not "normal". These DollParts models will actually serve as models to provide pride for a whole generation. Here their site and there the instagram site of Tarah Una, the founder of the collective.  

November 5, 2017

kroc'hen - Polaroids

Finally I think I became an ugly French nationalist since this one is again a French photographer. It's a friend of mine that suggested me to make a post about him and I agreed since he got a real talent as you can see above in his polaroids. Always something different with this format. He's 26, from Brittany and does erotic and porn with models. Hope he'll stick to this genre. I particularly like the bondage shots, not something I'm too much into actually, but here it's weirdly soft and even tender. The black and white pictures have a special ghostly quality not without similarities with the great Francesca Woodman. Fine to see young photographers so promising in this country. His tumblr blog here

October 26, 2017

José Vital - Various works

 You will say that I became a bloody awful nationalist since like the last posts this one is again about a French photographer, but it's only the circumstances that decided, having discovered him only very recently (on the recommandation of a friend) and feeling I have to make a post about him not too late. His name is José Vital, he seems to live in Paris but I have no more infos about him. You can see his work on his site here. I had some difficulties to gather images with good enough quality so I used my own trick to get them. But since the name is on, I wonder why he doesn't do like most other photographers, I mean living his photographies in a quality that allows to include them on our blogs or webzine. His style is not without similarities with Jan Saudek or Leslie Krims (but too many others to mention here), with an attention to show bodies as they are, with all their imperfections but with their strength and tension and not as they should be in the boring normality. I don't get all the underlying symbolisms of the series and I can't say I dig everything but there's enough to love for having a fast post about him. Explore his work here

October 20, 2017

Monsieur X - Mauvaises filles (bad girls) - Prostitutes in Paris 1925-35

These pictures have a weird story. They were taken between 1925 and 1935 in a Paris' brothel, although some were taken in a park around, by an unknown elder man that has given all his cliches to a library 40 years later (in 1975). He asked to remain anonymous and to be called Mister X. All these photos were released in a book called Mauvaises filles - Portraits of prostitutes 1925 -1935, in 2015 (strange this 40 year gap between each event). These images are now more touching than erotic and raise more emotion than excitation. It must not be forgottent that here we don't have assumed sex workers and still less proud exhibitionists but, more likely, poor girls that were driven to prostitution by pimps and brothel owners due to their need to survive. They seemed strangely very happy and relaxed in front of the camera and this gives this series a rather pleasant feeling. And, for body lovers or curious, it provides a fine iconography of the female body that was considered as sex-arousing in this period. You can buy the book everywhere.